September 14, 2014

Ogden and Region 5 Football

We start Region 5 competition this week playing at Ogden on Friday night at 7pm
Freshmen have a unique week, they play on Wed at home against Logan at 4pm and at Mt Ogden on Thursday at 4pm
Sophomores play at Alta at 3:30 on Thursday
JV plays at home at 3:30 on Thursday

September 4, 2014

Bear River and the Golden Spike

This is the 94th meeting of Box Elder and Bear River in Football on Friday night at 7pm at Bear River.

There is no JV game for us but our sophomores play their JV team on Thursday at 3:30 at home

Freshmen play at Bear River at 4pm on Thursday

CoachG: It is great to win the Golden Spike and be able to keep it home!  It was a solid game and it makes a big difference when the special teams gets better.  They have struggled in the first 2 games and they improved a lot last week.  It was also great to score and end what seemed like a long drought of Touchdowns.  The defense continued to play great. 

August 26, 2014

Layton and First week of school

We are back in school and we play Layton this week
Varsity at 7 on Friday, JV at Layton on Thursday at 3:30, Sophs at home at 3:30 on Thursday and Freshmen against Sky View Wednesday at 4pm at home.

Syracuse Notes from Coach G:  What a great effort by our team on Friday night.  Our theme last week was FIST, Focused Intensity, Spirited Teamwork.  FIST was on great display Friday night.  Players were competing and working together.  There are not very many overtime games but very few 3 OT games.  We need to fix some basic mistakes but the effort and teamwork that we saw on Friday showed me that we have a great football team of competitors.

August 16, 2014

Mother's night

Our annual Mother's night is Wednesday Aug. 20 from 6 to 7pm at the Game Field. It is a great event each year.  It is an opportunity to be with your son to get a first hand perspective of what he goes through as a football player.

Purple and White

It was a great night out at the annual Purple and White.  The players played with great spirit, that they have shown throughout fall camp.  It will be fun to prepare next week to go out and play another team and continue to improve.

Special Thanks to the Mechams, Burgans and all their helpers who cooked and fed the boys after the games.  There was plenty of great food.  It takes good parents to build a football program and we have amazing parents.  Thank you!

August 5, 2014